About Deanna

Discover Deanna's Passion for Educational  Design.

I'm Deanna Agresti, and I'm passionate about design, education, and creating welcoming environments for students. I've spent my career dedicated to teaching and design, wearing multiple hats to make a difference in the lives of students and the community.

I'm currently the Design & Photography instructor at East Greenwich High School, and I'm proud to hold degrees in Graphic Design and Art Education from the Rhode Island School of Design. My teaching experience spans various Rhode Island school districts and the Community College of Rhode Island. But my teaching philosophy goes beyond the classroom.

In my classroom, I strive to create a calm and safe space, where students can tap into their creativity and connect with one another throughout the school day. I believe that fostering these connections is essential to a student's educational journey.

Beyond my role as an educator, I'm also a freelance graphic designer, where I dedicate my skills to non-profit initiatives. Recently, I completed a children's book, an endeavor that allowed me to combine my love for design and storytelling.

Over a decade ago, a former student and I founded the BeautifyEGHS club at East Greenwich High School. This club actively seeks opportunities to infuse design and art into the school environment. Its success has sparked a similar initiative at my daughters' elementary school. Beyond the classroom and design endeavors, I serve as the President of my daughters' school PTO. Here, I channel my passion for enhancing the school environment in a community-centric way.

I've poured my heart into revamping the school's blacktop, bathrooms, library and cafetorium with colorful designs, creating spaces where students don't just find comfort but also know they're deeply valued. It's my belief that a well-designed environment communicates care, and that's a message I'm committed to sharing with the world.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my mission!